Version 0.3 Alpha 1 (13. September 2010)
AllImport format can now be set to UTF-8 or UTF-16.
AllAdded more GEDCOM tags to the swap routine (PROP and EVEN).
AllAdded a mode to change SSN into PROP tags to make MacFamilyTree version 4 files compatible with version 6.
  Version 0.2 Alpha 1 (08. September 2010)
AllInstead of just removing any notes they can now be replaced with another default note.
AllAdded a routine to swap GEDCOM tags like SSN into MISS.
  Version 0.1 Alpha 1 (31. August 2010)
AllFirst public release.
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BugfixA bug in the last version was fixed.
ChangeThe behavior aof the application (or partt of ist) changed.
AddA new feature was added to the application.