Version 2.1 Final  (16th April 2017)
AllRemoved all automated login and up/download functions to the GC homepage as they won't work anymore.
  Version 2.0.4 Final  (25th April 2016)
AllFixed missing language files in the Linux and Windows version. You don't need this update in the Mac version.
  Version 2.0.3 Final  (25th April 2016)
AllFixed network routines to be compatible with the latest GC changes again.
AllFirst step to support HiDPI on supported machines.
AllRemoved build in help system because the help module was outdated and not ready for 64 bit builds or HiDPI mode.
  Version 2.0.2 Final  (30th March 2016)
AllFixed layout of the custom maps to have the block again at the correct location.
AllNew development tools in order to have better compatibility with new operation systems.
  Version 2.0.1 Final  (03th January 2016)
AllFixed a typo in the German output - Of cause it should read 'Platzierung' and not 'Plazierung'.
AllAdded CSS code to again have 1 pixel spacing between cells after the latest GC page changes.
  Version 2.0 Final  (08th September 2015)
AllFixed network code to support other languages of the GC page better. Hopefully no 302 errors anymore.
AllThe flag for 'Christmas Island' should now be displayed.
AllIn addition to Lab Cache the spelling Lab-Cache is supported also to support other 3rd party GPX better.
AllThe new list limit of 99 can now be entered. Forgot that and only supported 99 in the internal settings :-(
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 7  (19th May 2015)
AllAdded Curacao to the list of known countries.
AllAdded support for a 'Lab Cache' type that may be added to the GPX using a third party application.
AllChanged the upper limit for entries in own lists and FTF lists to 99.
AllFixed an SSL issue in the profile upload routine.
AllChanged the way flags for Cote d'Azur are included. Hopefully they will show now.
AllFixed a few typos in the output.
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 6  (26th October 2014)
AllNew upload routine to fix problems with the latest GC profile changes.
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 5  (28th August 2014)
AllNew login routine to fix problems with the latest GC website changes.
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 4  (22th August 2014)
AllAdded support for the new Giga-Event cache type
AllNew section to display the x most difficult finds according to points.
AllAdded an option to Milestones to display repdigit milestones.
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 3  (15th June 2014)
AllThe 'Unknown Cache' (now 'Mystery Cache' in the GPX) is recognized again.
AllFixed a bug that prevented the flag of a France region to be displayed.
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 2  (05th May 2014)
AllMore changes for the new hoster/server.
AllAgain added the award badges to my website as the new hoster allows more connections.
AllChanged the badges and 3d bars fro .gif to .php files. For those with own webpace the 3d bars should be renamed from .gif to .php but you can now delete the .htaccess file.
  Version 2.0.0 Beta 1  (25th April 2014)
AllNew server in the background for faster and more stable hosting of images.
AllChanged all internal parts to support the new hoster and the latest changes at the GC website.
AllFixed a bug in the HTML preview code. Now there should be less problems with the preview not showing.
  Version 1.9.9 Beta 3  (25th December 2012)
AllAdded a possibility to export the finds as a csv file to be used in any spreadsheet application.
AllIt is possible to hide the 'no' attributes now and show just the 'avail/yes' attributes in the attribute section.
AllYou can now disable distances in the text section to allow for more privacy when showing the nearest cache.
AllPlease redownload the image set if you use maps in your own webspace or rename all svg files to .php as we now use php ending.
AllFixed a typo in the english output (state -> States).
  Version 1.9.9 Beta 2  (14th October 2012)
AllAdded new section: All finds as list of country flags.
AllIn order to see country maps or 3d bars you have to download an image pack now for your own webspace.
AllThe last milestone should not be displayed twice if the last find is a milestone.
  Version 1.9.9 Beta 1  (16th September 2012)
AllApplication compiled with new development tools that hopefully will fix some Linux/HTML bugs.
AllSupport for PQ download with other than English language selected added.
AllYearly stats should work as expected if more than 10 years are displayed.
  Version 1.9.8 Final  (20th February 2012)
AllAdded an experimental option to the 'Finds as icon list' section: Add border around finds on the same day.
AllYou can now add 200 entries instead of 99 to the 'Finds by owner' list.
AllRemoved the border around icons in the Finds as icon list' to have a cleaner display in some browsers.
AllFixed a bug that incorrectly disabled the 'Request GPX file' button after editing the username or password.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 8  (19th January 2012)
AllThe yearly stats now omits the year number for all years prior your first cache found.
AllIt is now possible to choose between the known (smaller) badges and a full (bigger) version of these badges.
AllFixed another typo in the output.
AllThe gpx request routine should now be able to recognize all possible date formats.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 7  (10th December 2011)
AllYou can now decide to not save your GC password in the settings windows. If you share your computer with other users you may prefer to enter you password each time.
AllNew column in the table 'Finds by cache type' showing mdCachingPoints summed up (and rounded) for each type.
AllMac version switched to Intel only and Cocoa instead Carbon. Some GUI elements may look a bit different now. If you still need a PPC version please contact me.
AllThe yearly statistics won't display years in the future anymore. If you don't have 10 years with finds it will be filled with years in the past now.
AllFinally (I hope so) no more 302 error when you request a gpx file. Found a possible problem with too many (too many for GCStatistic) pocket queries on the page.
AllThe distance calculation now uses a resolution of 1 meter instead 100 meter. If you have multiple finds just a few hundred meters around your home the nearest cache displayed should be the real nearest now.
AllThe table 'Shortest interval for x finds' now respects the date format setting.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 6  (26th November 2011)
AllNew section 'Oldest caches found' added.
AllAdded a check to determine if the system date is plausible as GCStatistic depends on a correct date.
AllGCStatistic no longer replaces the ' in the output as this breaks some html tags in your free sections.
AllFixed the displayed count of caches in your lists (FTF, own lists). The displayed count inside GCStatistics GUI may be different if you added finds using another gpx file (with more finds than your gpx file).
AllCommand parameter extraction fixed. Under some circumstances only the first parameter was recognized. Now all parameters like --request--quit are recognized.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 5  (13th November 2011)
AllFixed a bug introduced with the latest optimization. Sorry for all the updated in this short time period. I try to test those version better in the future.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 4  (12th November 2011)
AllAdded map with provinces of the Netherlands.
AllAdded a new 'Quick statistics' button to the main window. If you just want to generate a new statistics without changing your settings just press this button and your statistics will be uploaded in one step. You can also choose to have the online statistics shown in your browser afterwards.
AllAdded a possibility to let all external graphics load from your domain instead of my server. If you want to host your own bar images or maps this feature could be interesting for you. Ask for help/image files if you want to host this on your server. Knowledge of PHP and htaccess files required.
AllInternal changes to the analyze routines resulting in some small speed enhancements. It's not much but my statistics are generated 1 second faster now using the new quick statistics button.
AllChanged the default (no finds) color of all maps from gray to light gray. Now it's easier to see if you have one find in that region or zero finds.
AllSome changes in the download/upload routines to add some more date formates. If you changed the date format at Groundspeak previous versions couldn't recognized the newly generated gpx file. Now four formats (YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD, MM-DD-YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY) are supported.
AllFixed a bug in the analyze routine. If you imported another (older) gpx file after another gpx file there was a possibility of incorrect monthly stats.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 3  (04th November 2011)
AllThe automated update check is no activated per default for new installations. many users don't know that GCStatistic can check for updates. Now this feature is enabled and you have to disable it if you don't want this. Existing preferences aren't changed.
AllSince the last GC server update I got reports about GCStatistic crashing. This was/is caused by log dates prior 2000. As those logs can't exist (GC-DB error?) they are now corrected to 2011-01-01 and a message is shown.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 2  (30th October 2011)
AllIn the attribute section the number of selected attributes is shown. The max value also is calculated over the selected attributes and not as a tolat max over all attributes.
AllIf the gpx file download to the desktop fails GCStatistic tries to rename the temp file to the correct name.
  Version 1.9.8 Beta 1  (29th October 2011)
AllAdded some more attributes introduced at GC in the last days.
AllYou can now select/deselect each single cache attribute for display in the table
AllIt is now possible to load new gpx files every 3 days even if the old gpx file is still available at GC.
AllSome small bugfixes in the internal code.
  Version 1.9.7 Final  (08th October 2011)
AllYou can now define a path for the download of the gpx file and update.
AllAdded Cyprus as a preset to the own maps section.
AllYou can now hide the lowest level 'Pappe' from the Badges section.
AllAdded more distances to the distances table and an option to hide empty entries at the end of the table.
AllYou can now add distance informations below your own cache lists.
AllWorkaround for the latest changes at GC to allow automated login/upload again.
AllAdded a hoover text displaying the cache name to the icon list of your finds.
AllIf you resize the cache lists selection window the column for cache name will be resized now.
AllPasswords with strange Unicode chars should be possible now.
AllCorrected 2 map presets in the own map section.
AllCorrected a link to the mdCachingPoints description.
AllGCStatistic now use the 58 countries in Europe that GC uses.
  Version 1.9.6 Final  (20th August 2011)
AllPreselecting the color profile currently in use if editing profiles.
AllCalculation of geographic centroid for Czech fixed.
  Version 1.9.6 Beta 4  (14th August 2011)
AllAdded a map for the regions of Czech.
AllFixed a bug regarding umlauts in the map or Austria.
AllNo strange results if you have 0 notes written.
AllSeveral small text fixes (cache instead of caches if it's just 1 and so on).
AllRemoves a bug introduced in beta 3. Now the finds of the current month are recognized again.
AllWorkaround to have those maps displayed centered with InternetExplorer as the IE can't render correct html.
  Version 1.9.6 Beta 3  (06th August 2011)
AllAdded a map for the regions of Austria.
AllAdded a new text statistic 'Current phase' to see your current run with finds or time you paused at the moment.
AllYou can now add tables with milestones according to cache type (50th multi or 100th mystery). In the final version it will be possible to set a different interval for the global milestone list and those cachetype lists.
AllLogs with most/least word are now displayed correct.
  Version 1.9.6 Beta 2  (29th July 2011)
AllYou can now show the count and chars/word of your notes too in the other statistics section.
AllAdded total and average word count to overal log statistics in the other statistics section.
AllLine breaks are now counted too as they were ignored till now. As this is a key you pressed it should be counted.
  Version 1.9.6 Beta 1  (26th July 2011)
AllIt is now possible to click those icons in the list of cache type icons introduced with the last version so see the specific cache page.
AllRedesigned filter options for your own cache lists. Added a new window with more filter options to assist your search for a specific cache.
AllAdded a region map and flags for France.
AllIt is now possible to en/disable each line in the other text statistics on its own.
AllThree new lines added to the other text stat section (min/max words in your logs and count/percentage of your logs edited)
AllAdded a 'percentage complete' number to all existing region maps.
AllThe '[This log was edited by..]' text automatically added by Groundspeak no longer counts as your own text.
AllAutomated mode (startup with shell parameters) tuned a bit. It is now possible to combine these 4 parameters: --request --html --upload --quit (In windows it may be possible to omit the space between those if you use multiple parameters). It is also neccessary to enter the GCStatistic folder as the ini file is searched in the current working directory.
AllColors set for the new map gradient aren't saved - fixed.
AllFixes some minor bugs you reported - thanks for this.
  Version 1.9.5 Final  (12th June 2011)
AllNew section to display all finds as a list of cache type icons.
AllNew section to show how long it takes to get x finds. Now you can compare who is the fastest to reach 100 or 1000 finds.
AllYou can now define seperate gradient colors for your own maps.
AllAdded flags to the text statistic 'Most countries at one day'.
AllJersey and Guernsey including their flags added as countries to the maps and lists.
AllChanged all connections to the GC server to secure SSL connection.
AllThe last free section now displays the corect text and not the text of the last free section.
AllFixes some minor bugs you reported - thanks for this.
  Version 1.9.4 Beta 1  (09th May 2011)
AllAdded an additional new free section.
AllAdded Czech to the languages. Thanks to Kohoutaci for all the translation work.
AllInternal changes to allow connection to the server again including layout changes. (Still some work left here)
AllFixed a bug regarding the own special lists (including FTF list). No longer use the placement date if the find date should be used.
AllAdded a check for valif cache attribute ids. No crash if an incorrect input file has missing ids.
AllSome internat tweaks and a typo corrected.
  Version 1.9.3 Final  (07th March 2011)
AllAdded a new section with badges (thanks to myGEOtools).
AllAdded a region map and flags for Sweden.
AllSection with own maps now include a preset for Sweden.
AllNew matrix added to show your finds acc. day/month of cache placement.
AllAdded a section that allows you to include any text file similar to the free sections.
AllSome tweaks to better support multi/family nicknames ('x & y have 2 finds' instead of 'x & y has 2 finds').
AllNew entry in section text statistics: Most regions on a single day.
AllYou can now add a column displaying the status 'Archived' to your own cache lists.
AllChanged country flags to more beautiful versions. Thanks to releasethedogs for the hint.
AllYou can now limit your own cache lists to the latest x entrys.
AllWorkaround for the missing gpx file tag that allows recognition of 10 years special caches.
AllSome internat tweaks and a typo corrected.
  Version 1.9.2 Final  (21th November 2010)
AllBars in the attribute section for 'NO' attributes shown again if color profile is not set to graphic bars.
  Version 1.9.1 Final  (25th October 2010)
AllFixed a stupid bug resulting in a crash if no home was entered - Sorry folks.
  Version 1.9 Final  (22th October 2010)
AllAdded new graphical bars as an option to the color profile settings. I hope that traffic impact on the server is not too high.
AllAdded first support for TerraCaching. As a first step gpx files from Open Cache Manager (with the my finds option) can be imported and TC links/caches are recogniced. Native TC gpx support is on the ToDo list.
AllAdded a dialog to ask if the old query file should be replaced we the one just downloading after requesting a new one.
AllAdded support for all the new cache attributes. Also changed layout of the attribute section.
AllChanged filenames and handling of the language files a bit to bypass filename problems with some Linux decompression tools.
AllHandling of virtual/locationless caches for entry 'most countries' fixed.
AllFixed crash if terrain/difficulty of a cache is empty (-1). A next version will also show these old special caches.
AllFixed timezone handling for some sections.
AllNo more update notifications for the current version - Sorry folks.
  Version 1.8 Final  (19th September 2010)
AllAdded a new color profile system. More colors that can be adjusted and the possibility to create multiple color profiles.
AllNew text statistic 'Most countries ona single day' added.
AllAdded options to exclude Locationless (Reverse) caches from the statistics.
AllIt is now possible to change existing home position. Select an entry and press the change button after editing the entries.
AllNo more virtual caches in the most eastern/western/northern/southern text output if they should be excluded.
AllNo more exponent displayed if your overall cache to cache distance is more than a million miles/km.
AllBar width in country list corrected if first country is seperated from the list.
AllCorrected wording in FTF list (after publishing -> hiding) as it is the time after hiding what is displayed.
  Version 1.8 Beta 6  (03th August 2010)
AllFixed two bugs introduced with the new timezone handling. No more crashes if you try to add a home or don't have a home added to GCStatistic yet.
  Version 1.8 Beta 5  (01th August 2010)
AllAdded Spanish as a new language for statistics output. Thanks to AlfonsoyRosa for the translation.
AllAttribute 46 (Field Puzzle) is now recognized and displayed in the attributes section.
AllYou can now fill and place two more free sections in the output.
AllAdded timezones to the home coordinates and take the timezone into account for the find dates. As this is the first version with timezones included there may be some errors. All current homes are set to UTC until you delete/add them with the corect timezone.
AllAdded flags for Serbia and Monenegro as the gpx file now contains seperate country entries for Serbia and Montenegro.
AllTime for stats generation now only takes into account the last generation. If you preview and regenerate the stats a lot the 'time for generation' should be correct now.
AllTypo in the english language file corrected (no more 'hassss' in the header).
  Version 1.8 Beta 4  (05th July 2010)
AllAdded Dutch as a new language for statistics output. Thanks to GeoBSWEScout for the translation.
AllAttribute 45 (Truck/RV accessible) is now recognized and displayed in the attributes section.
AllTransfered statistics language part from the application into seperate mdl files. If you would like to see your language added just copy the 'EN - English.mdl' file and name it 'CountryCode - YourLanguage.mdl' and replace all the text after the [TAGS]. Just contact me for more information or to have your file included in the next version.
AllChanged map overlay a bit and set gradient colors to respect settings.
  Version 1.8 Beta 3  (24th May 2010)
AllSwitched to new map API and added an overlay to reduce map intentity. Thanks to MadOnion for this hint.
AllAttribute 44 (Lost and Found) is now recognized and displayed in the attributes section.
AllFixed a bug displaying that 0 virtual caches are excluded if there aren't any virtual caches excluded.
  Version 1.8 Beta 2  (24th May 2010)
AllNew section for free text inserted prior any other output. The new statistics header is added outside the statistics and can have any layout you like.
AllIt is now possible to set start and end colors for the gradient used for matrix outputs. The text color to be used inside any matrix can be changed too.
AllYou can now add the centroid of caches in the milestone list or your own (incl. FTF) lists below each table.
AllFixed a bug in the new autorequest routine. No more crashes if the query available at GC is stored for the last day.
  Version 1.8 Beta 1  (18th May 2010)
AllSupport for the new query structure including automated download and import of the query after requesting it. Just press the 'Request gpx' button and GCStatistic checks for an already avalable query, requests a new file if none is avalable and downloads the file for you. (Know limitation: At the moment only download to the desktop folder is supported.)
AllAdded support for (new?) query zip files with strange names like 12345678_MyFindsPocketQuery.gpx inside. No more warnings about an incorrect file.
WinFixed background display of text in about window.
  Version 1.7.3 Final  (02th May 2010)
AllTwo more text statistics added to the listbox for individual dis/enabling.
AllAdded support for different line endings inthe gpx file. This should enable import of some additional gpx files exported from other tools.
AllAdded a preset for Swiss in the own map section.
AllIf icon display for cache types is enabled you now can see what cache types you've found on the day with most types.
AllAdded the 'Lost and Found Event Cache' to celebrate 10 years of geocaching.
AllThe geographic centroid calculation now takes into account that the earth is round. No more simple math average centroid.
AllFixed calculation of max cachetypes on a single day.
AllFixed an error if more owners should be displayed than caches with different owners are available.
AllYou can now use ', ' in the text of your own cache lists. Also changes column width in order to make the text column visible in the default window size.
AllThe personal header/free section will respect the gobal alignment setting now for normal text. If left alignment is selected you text should be displayed left aligned now.
  Version 1.7.2 Final  (11th March 2010)
AllAdded the possibility to hide country names and/or count of finds below maps. Now it's possible to add every combination of name/finds/flag (or none if you don't like them).
AllSome users where confusion a little bit about the calculation of the averages in the finds per year section. Now it's possible to add an explanation about the average calculation.
AllAdded title tags to the attribute images. If you're not sure what these icons display just hover the mouse over them.
AllAdded a line with 'most different cache types found on a day) to the text section.
AllThe graphical sections finds per year/month are now centered in the output.
AllIf you start GCStatistic without an existing ini(Windows)/conf(Linux) file there is now a dialog asking for the import of a preference file from an existing(older) version of GCStatistic.
AllA small change in the html code for the section headers to allow a smoother layout.
AllIf an owner supplied an incorrect cache placement date (<2000) the date now is corrected to 2010 to avoid crashes.
AllEven if selected virtual caches weren't excluded from the World/Europe maps. This is fixed now.
AllFixed a html typo to have the note below cache lists span all columns if selected.
AllThe opposing graphs in the finds per year/month section now use the default color and not the color used for the december graph.
AllThe matrix finds by cache placement now only calculates with already existent month and not with month of this year that still have to come.
AllFixed a calculation bug resulting a lower mdCachingPoint output as the floating part of each calculation was cut of prior addition.
  Version 1.7.1 Final  (11th March 2010)
AllCountry flags can now be included in the output of some sections (milestones, cachelists and text statistics).
AllThe headline can now be disabled and the finds/points can be disabled each.
WinCachelists can be renamed again. This was a bug in the new development IDE and not a bug in the GCStatistic code.
  Version 1.7 Final  (26th February 2010)
AllAdded Hungary as a preset set to the special map selection.
AllAdded three more lines in the text statistics to the listbox for individiual on/off selection.
AllYou can now select if you week should start on monday or on sunday for the text statistics.
AllName of 'Best caching week' renamed to 'Best calendar week' to make the counting range clear.
AllChanges the layout of the about window as a first step of a complete webdesign/layout overhaul.
AllFixed a bug in the special list that lead to a crash if you have exactly 10, 100 or 1000 finds.
AllVersion 1.0.1 gpx files recognized now even if GC incorrectly states a version 1.0 in the header.
AllAutomated request of the gpx file should work again.
  Version 1.7 Beta 6  (06th February 2010)
AllAdded support for additional data introduced with 1.0.1 gpx files: New attributes section.
AllGPX files exported with GSAK are now recognized as valid files but you have to make sure that you only export finds on your own.
AllYou can now display the days cached in the yearly/monthly stats as an opposing graph.
AllYou can now select the order of lists/maps in the countrymaps section.
AllAdded support to select which lines should be shown in the 'Other text statistics' section. Lines for Logs and archived caches can be switched on/off now.
AllNow correctly shows 'Vatican City State' and 'Jersey' as countries in the European map.
  Version 1.7 Beta 5  (23th January 2010)
AllDropped support for settings import from files generated with pre 1.5 versions of GCStatistic.
AllFirst cache can now be selected as a special cache into own lists.
AllScrollbar inside specialcaches listbox back again.
AllDistances now shown as 'n/a' instead of '-1' if home coordinates are missing for that find.
  Version 1.7 Beta 4  (22th January 2010)
AllNew section 'Matrix according cache placement date' added.
AllStated to implement a internal help/manual system.
AllCount of unique founds at a cache now available as a column for selecting special caches.
AllSome small internal bugfixes.
  Version 1.7 Beta 3  (03th December 2009)
LinuxWebkit HTML preview with Ubuntu 9.10 should be fixed.
AllInternal position check used for own maps now correctly allows -180 till 180 longitudes.
  Version 1.7 Beta 2  (21th November 2009)
AllNew 'free section' to allow usercode to be placed between predefined sections.
AllSpecial cache lists can now be filtered for archived caches to allow easy creation of lists with archived caches.
AllSpecial cache lists has a new logtext search/filter that only lists caches including the searchstring in the logtext. It's up to you what you search for (other cachers, weather conditions, STF...) to create a special list of.
AllFixed multiple english text strings to have the english output correct. Sorry for all the mistakes in the past there and thanks for the help to Lissi&Gusti.
AllCacheicon settings for milestones/special lists corrected.
  Version 1.7 Beta 1  (21th October 2009)
AllNew section with options to show several graphics for the last 3 years.
AllCachetype icons are now possible in the text statistic section.
AllEntry for the shortest/longest log now also displays the cachename.
AllIf the gpx file is requested the last generated date is recognized now if the request failed due to the 7 days limit.
AllAdded some further checks to the request gpx routine. Hopefully we have less 302 errors now.
AllGibraltar and Bosnia Herzegovina now shown in the europe map as they should.
AllAdded an extra check for the hidden dates to prevent a crash if the date is missing.
  Version 1.6 Final  (03th October 2009)
AllValues for the 'Ratings according D/T section changed to have a more realistic distribution of what is normal/difficult/extreme.
AllThe monthly/yearly statistics are now calculated up to the current date and not to the last find. So if your last find is half a year ago the average values will be lower as the 6 month without a find are now included in the calculation as they should.
AllThe own Google-API key isn't cut after 64 chars anymore.
AllSome smaller internal changes and fixes to have the code cleaned up a bit.
  Version 1.6 Beta 6  (28th September 2009)
AllNew section: Matrix of calendar days cached
AllSubtitle color now used for all types of 'subtitles' to have a more uniform look.
AllFooter for the FTF table fixed to span all columns again.
  Version 1.6 Beta 5  (26th September 2009)
AllYou can now have icons in the cache type table.
AllNew warning dialog prior uploading to warn that the current profile is replaced. Warnung can be disabled in the settings window.
AllAll windows reduced in height to allow better display an 600px displays.
AllColors gradient calculation in the D/T matrix changed a bit.
AllOverlay of the own map is now placed correct everywhere on earth (mercator calculation fixed).
AllBug in the import routine fixed.
AllNow more mixup of cachetyp if you reload a gpx file. Thanks to sukano1 for finding this bug.
  Version 1.6 Beta 4  (20th September 2009)
AllDisplay of the nearest find can now be disabled.
AllDate of the first caching day now displayed in the first line of the statistics.
AllThe date format can now be selected out of a few possibilities. The date format used is also displayed in the footer.
AllThe owner section can now be displayed in 2 columns. For example place 1-5 in column 1 and 6-10 in column 2.
AllAdded a line to the D/T rating section with an explanation of the ratings.
AllDate of statistics generation and data file now moved to the footer.
AllChecking the name in logs is now off per default as this is only needed in 'unusual' gpx files.
AllAll the bugs introduced in 1.6 regarding special chars should be fixed.
AllMonthly statistics are visible again if selected.
AllThe char & is no longer converted to &amp; in the header/footer.
AllSlovakia should now be visible in the european map.
AllColoring of the headlines should work again.
  Version 1.6 Beta 2  (13th September 2009)
AllNew menu entries for preferences and update check.
AllTransfered the update settings into a new preference window.
AllMilestone distance can now be entered starting with 5 instead of 25.
AllHandling of nicknames with special characters (<>&..) should now work (at leat I hope so).
  Version 1.6 Beta 1  (06th September 2009)
AllIt is now possible to open a zip file if the internal stored gpx file has the same name as the zip file.
AllThe finders name is now checked against the nickname and only corresponding logs are counted if there are other logs.
AllAdded a new 'Request gpx' button to let GCStatistic request the new gpx file for you.
AllGCStatistic can now download its own update to the desktop.
AllYou can supply your own Google API key for the special map to be used if the output is saved as html.
AllAdded a new section to have a list of states cached in for each country on its own.
AllGerman state map now available in the new section.
AllSupport for shell/terminal mode added. You can now have automated generation, upload or gpx request if you add one of the following parameters to the gcstatistic executable: --html --upload --request (Only one parameter for each call is allowed/used).
AllFrench output of the statistic now included (Thanks to N.Pone for the translation).
AllAdded options to the preference file to overide the gpx file and nickname check: Disable_GPXCheck, Disable_FinderCheck
AllAdded a bubblehelp and warning note to the home positions date field to avoid problems with this date.
AllTransfered the old U.S. and Canadian state map into the new countrylists section.
AllNote entries no longer counted to the length of log entries.
AllIf the gpx file was generated using BuildGPX the log length is hidden as this information is not included in the file.
AllTotal cache to cache distance and cache positions (most northern..) calculated correct if no home position is available.
AllFixed several smaller bugs.
  Version 1.5.1 Final  (05th July 2009)
AllNew section added that divides the finds in 5 levels acc. D/T
AllNew World66 map for canadian provinces added.
AllIf the gpx file is created with BuildGPX (no premium) the 3 stats about loglength are hidden now as these information is missing in the gpx file.
AllThe time lag column in the special cache section can be hidden now.
AllThe settings for the cachetype section is back.
AllThe entry in the FTF statistic for the first cache should be fixed now.
  Version 1.5 Final  (28th June 2009)
AllIt is now possible to hide the monthly graphic for years without a find.
AllFixed the incompatibility with the new GC login page.
AllFixed multiple entrys in the FTF statistic for the first cache.
  Version 1.5 Beta 5  (10th June 2009)
AllMultiple maps can now be created in the new 'Own map' section.
AllOverlay in the 'own map' section should now be mapped 100% correct.
AllThe oldest placed cache is now validated. Caches 'placed' before 1999 are now ignored.
AllVirtual caches are now ignored during centroid calculation if virtuals are disable in the distance section.
  Version 1.5 Beta 3  (07th May 2009)
AllFirst version of the upcomming new detailed map added. There are still some fixes needed to map the overlay correct onto the projection. At the moment only the map of Germany is avalable for testing but it's planned to add a list of all counties in the next versions.
  Version 1.5 Beta 2  (04th May 2009)
AllSpecial caches are now saved using their lognumber instead of the GC code to allow multiple entries of the same cache.
AllThe oldest/newest placed cache is displayed correct again.
  Version 1.5 Beta 1  (29th April 2009)
AllRedesign of the GUI to allow much more options and sections in the future.
AllSections can be repositioned to allow the user to have a unique section order.
AllMonthly graphics can be limited to the last x years.
AllCachetypes not found can be hidden and cachetype list can be ordered.
AllIt's now possible to add the home position in a more native format.
AllThe newest find can be added to the milestone list.
AllPreference file uses a new file format to allow section positioning and future enhancements.
AllVirtual caches are now recogniced better.
  Version 1.3.2 Final  (27th April 2009)
AllFixed the incompatibility with the new querys missing linebreaks.
  Version 1.3.1 Final  (02th April 2009)
AllFixed a bug (Crash due to NIL object).
  Version 1.3 Final  (31th March 2009)
AllNew FTF and 'Special caches' section introduced You can add a short text to be displayed along with the FTFs or special caches.
AllAdditional language for the statistic output: Catalan (a special thanks to Narcís Noguera for the translation).
AllThe difficulty/terrain matrix can now be colored with a green->red gradient.
AllWindow layout changed a bit to reduce overall windows size. I hope that this will fit better on the smaller screens of the netbooks. The window can be resized now.
AllHTML links inside the statistic will now open in a new window/tab.
AllRemoved the manual in the package to reduce the download size as most users don't need the manual. You'll find the manual on the homepage a few days after this release.
AllFixed some bugs introduced with the new internal engine in 1.3b3 like virtual caches not excluded correct if selected.
AllFixed some spellings in the english output like findings->finds.
  Version 1.3 Beta 3  (11th March 2009)
AllNew personal section below the generated statistic.
AllNew internal language model to allow more than 2 languages for the generated profile.
AllFurther internal changes to prepare for the upcomming FTF section.
AllUpdate engine will now detect new beta versions if just the stage number changed.
AllFixed a small bug in the U.S. states map. No more selected states if there are 0 finds in the U.S.
  Version 1.3 Beta 2  (13th February 2009)
AllNow the cache centroid is calculated and can be displayed in a map.
AllIt is possible to seperate the traditional caches from the other types in the cachetype list.
AllLength of the logtext is now calculated correct.
  Version 1.3 Beta 1  (Not public)
AllAdded a map with the findings in the U.S. states
AllCorrected a small layout bug in the english output.
  Version 1.2 Final  (04th February 2009)
AllYou can now select the unit for distance calulations (miles or kilometres).
AllStatistics about the logs written added. Longest, shortest, average and total text length is now displayed in the text section.
AllWhen virtual caches are excluded from the statistic locationless caches are now excluded also.
AllIf there are probems with the html engine available on the system the application no longer crashes. Now the preview should disable itself if a problem is found.
  Version 1.1 Final  (25th January 2009)
AllIt is now possible to set an interval for the automated update check.
AllRedesigned update check routine with a new window for the release notes.
AllAdded proxy support including proxys that require a basic authentification.
AllYou can choose if the mdCachingPoints should be included in the output.
AllNew 'Average findings per year' in the yearly statistic section.
AllRedesigned preview window - It's now possible to change the source code and preview these changes immediately.
AllCount for the best weekend and week now correct if the statistic is generated multiple times.
AllCorrected a typo in the output.
AllSeperate english and german versions of GCStatistic. This should fix the problems with my development tools.
  Version 1.1 Beta 2  (12th January 2009)
AllFixed a small bug if a GPX file with an unexpected content is opened.
AllCaclulation of distances corrected if there is no home position available for the entire caching timespan.
AllCorrected a typo in the english output.
AllIt is now possible to activate the country flags for the maps and country list separately.
  Version 1.1 Beta 1  (09th January 2009)
AllYou can choose if the preview window is shown or if the application directly jumps into the upload window. The application also should work correctly on systems without any html engine.
LinuxChanged the name of the preference filte to .GCStatistic.conf
AllNow the oldest and newest cache is displayed in the text section.
AllDesign of the statistic output slighlty changed in a few places for a better result and some words in the english output corrected.
AllThe personal section is now scanned in the first place to determine the line end character used on the system. This should correct the output problem in Linux.
  Version 1.0 Final
AllThe application now remembers the selected folders for the gpx and html file.
AllAdded maps of the world and europe showing countrys cached in (Thanks to for these maps).
AllRedesigned GUI for a better usability and added a status windows during the generation of the statistic.
AllNow each section in the statistic can be enabled on it's own and it is possible to seperate the main country from the others in the country list.
AllNow it is possible to add flags infront of each country in all country sections.
AllNumber of founds for all (special) cachetypes is now counted correctly.
AllAdded the total number of founds to the difficulty/terrain matrix.
AllIt is now possible to select how the statistics are aligned inside the GC profile (left/centered/right).
AllNow it is possible to let the application check if a new update is available.
AllChanged the rating of earthcaches and events for mdCachingPoints from 0.75 to 1.5
AllRedesigned the internal release notes.
  Color legend  (Affected platform mentioned in brackets)
BugfixA bug in the last version was fixed.
ChangeThe behavior aof the application (or part of it) changed.
AddA new feature was added to the application.