Version 1.3.1 Final (15. January 2012)
AllIt is now possible to start a new matrix or add another gpx file to the correct matrix.
AllMac version is now Intel only. If you still need a PPC version please contact me.
  Version 1.3 Final (24. July 2011)
AllIntegrated a new update module that allows downloading updates to the desktop.
AllSmall changes for the new website and MacDefender logo.
  Version 1.2 Final (26. February 2010)
AllFirst changes to a new corporate identity integrated.
AllPreview windows can be changes in size.
AllAs usual some minor bugfixes.
  Version 1.1 Final (04. February 2010)
AllIt's now possible to import zipped gpx files.
AllAdded a new software icon.
  Version 1.0 Final (01. June 2009)
AllFirst public release.
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BugfixA bug in the last version was fixed.
ChangeThe behavior aof the application (or partt of ist) changed.
AddA new feature was added to the application.